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If you are a minor and facing criminal charges, you are in a dangerous position. Depending on the crime, the court may want to try you as an adult. You need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will fight to protect your rights.

Under normal circumstances, a child or teenager who commits a crime will fall under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Justice System. This is, for the most part, a civil system. Most juvenile facilities focus on therapy and rehabilitation for their inmates. However, recent laws have made it easier to try children as young as 10 years old in adult criminal courts and sentence them to imprisonment in adult correctional facilities. This is a perilous fear-based trend that helps no one and hurts children who have a life of recovery—or incarceration—ahead.

Our Detroit Criminal Lawyer Has Extensive Experience

Our Detroit juvenile crimes attorneys have years of experience in juvenile crime litigation, and defend against misdemeanors and felonies such as:

Understanding the significance of an adult criminal charge, we work hard to keep our clients’ cases out of adult criminal court and in the juvenile justice system where they belong. We then investigate your case and fight aggressively for the best results possible, from dismissed charges to having your conviction record sealed or expunged when you turn 18.

If your child is tried and convicted in an adult criminal court, his life could be over before it begins. Don’t let this happen—contact us for a free consultation with a top Detroit juvenile crimes defense attorney today.