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Computer & Internet Crimes In Detroit

The state of technology is evolving, and the law is catching up with it. Crimes that were literally impossible twenty years ago have become commonplace today. Although computer crimes, internet crimes, and cell phone-based crimes are relatively new, they are no less serious in the eyes of the law.

Whether you have been accused of a white collar crime or a sex crime, you need the defense of an attorney with extensive knowledge of the law and its applications to modern technology. Our Detroit criminal defense attorneys have years of experience defending clients charged with such computer crimes as:

By consulting with experts in computer forensics and internet technology, investigating the circumstances of your arrest and the methods used in seizing your hard drive information, and thoroughly examining the evidence at hand, we work hard to build a strong case that could potentially eliminate or minimize your charges.

Computer crimes are a complex new world—evidence can linger in your hard drive long after you thought any damaging material had been deleted. If you are under investigation for a computer crime in the state of Michigan, you need a good defense as soon as possible. To get started, contact us for a free consultation with a skilled Detroit computer crimes attorney today.