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When the court hands down a conviction and sentence, you may feel like there is nowhere left to turn. You fought with everything you had, but the prosecution still won. In fact, however, you still have options—you have the right to appeal your conviction and sentence up to the highest level of appeals court.

In legal terms, an appeal is the process in which someone requests a formal change to an official decision. In a post-conviction appellate case, you may point to court errors or produce new, previously unavailable, evidence that could lead to a new trial or a reversal of your previous conviction.

Our Detroit Criminal Attorney can help determine if a case is should be appealed

Appellate procedures are much different from what goes on at normal criminal trials, so if you plan to appeal your conviction, it is vital that you hire a lawyer with significant experience in appeals. At our law firm, our Detroit appeals attorneys have devoted years of practice to handling appeals cases for such felonies and misdemeanors as:

Our lawyers work hard to investigate every appeals case we take up, digging to uncover new evidence and shed light on any misconduct or mishandlings that might have influenced on your trial. With access to expert analysts and a dedication to research, we will build you a case that gets the best results possible.

Not everyone is eligible for an appeal, but a good attorney will be happy to review your case and explain your options. If you think an appeal might be right for you, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Detroit appeals attorney today.